Who needs another dashboard?

Posted on October 19, 2017

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Too much data and not enough insight is a key challenge for retailers!

Are you struggling to bridge the gap between the data you’re collecting and the insights it provides? If so, it may be cold comfort to know you’re not alone. Many retailers have adopted people counting systems and other technologies to provide them with data about their customers they hope to leverage. But their POS systems are also churning out numbers, and so is head office. So it’s no wonder that data can feel like a burden to retailers. Who has the time and energy to make sense of it all?

Retailers who are able to successfully leverage their data will benefit greatly from the insights it can provide. They’ll be better able to make operational decisions, like realigning staffing and identifying leaders. They’ll be able to improve loyalty and benchmark performance. When the data is converted to insights, it can be a powerful tool to drive success.

Cutting through the clutter with intelligent analytics is key. Prodco’s managed services and proprietary dashboards deliver operational visibility and deep shopper intelligence. In other words, we make meaning out of the numbers, so you can spend your energy making sound decisions.