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Prodco Live™

An Automated Occupancy and
Social Distancing Management Toolkit

Keep your staff and customers safe, and ensure your venues are maintaining social distancing and occupancy level compliance with Prodco Live™ from Prodco.

Prodco’s occupancy solution combines automated counting technology, a web and app-based reporting dashboard, and real-time alerts to help you:

  • Monitor real-time occupancy and social distancing
  • Ensure occupancy limits compliance with local government regulations
  • Scalable deployment to global locations
  • Compatible with most existing counting solutions

Request a quick demo to learn how Prodco can help monitor occupancy and more in your stores, buildings or malls.

How it works

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Using Prodco’s advanced PC-3DR Stereoscopic camera at each entrance or interior zone, entrance and exit count data (excluding staff and/or security guards) is automatically pushed to our cloud servers in real-time. 

Occupancy data is immediately processed and accessible via the Prodco Live™ app dashboards on any mobile or tablet.

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Automated alert notifications are sent when congestion is detected in specified zones or when occupancy levels cross a specified threshold.

Exclude staff and security guards from traffic counting for greater accuracy using Bluetooth fobs or badges.

Go Beyond the Door™

Why choose Prodco for Occupancy Monitoring and Footfall Tracking Analytics?

Global leader in retail shopper measurement and behavior since 1997.

Global reach. With a large network of channel partners worldwide, we can get your solution up and running in no time, anywhere on the planet.   

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Proactive Support. We pride ourselves to provide exceptional customer support, and with a team of technicians monitoring your data 24/7, we make sure you can trust your data.

Go Beyond the Door. Prodco provides way more than traditional door counting solutions. Understand the true behaviour of your visitors with heatmaps, zones or shopper paths reports. Benchmark your organisation against global leaders via Prodco’s proprietary Industry Indices.

Get in touch with our experts now to learn more.

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