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Shopper paths, gender analytics

zones & heatmaps

Go beyond traditional door counting

Shopper Paths

We transform shopper behavior data into insights that help highlight opportunities and drive performance for retail

Heatmap Cameras

Multi Camera Heatmaps Hardware

Paths and Gender Analytics

Accurately track customers throughout your store(s) and identify genders and discover the true path-to-purchase of your customers.

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Multi Camera Zones Gif


Gain insight and better understand shopper movement and product placement.


View Hot/Cold zones within the entire store. Understand clearly what your customers’ dwell times are and what are the busiest areas of your store.

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Wi-Fi Heatmaps

WiFi Heatmaps

PC-3DR Stereoscopic Traffic Camera

PC-3DR™ stereoscopic camera leverages high speed 3D video processing, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technology to accurately count shoppers entering and exiting a store, track their shopping journey throughout their visit and removes sales staff from the total count when combined with our low energy Bluetooth fobs.

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We use the latest technology to accurately capture shoppers entering and exiting each store.

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​We transform shopper behavior data into insights that help highlight opportunities and drive performance.

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Drive performance in real time and track progress toward store goals.

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Benchmark against industry trends, by country, region and retail segment.