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Prodco's Retail Traffic Index

Benchmark your retail locations against industry trends

Gain access to Prodco’s Retail Traffic Index by Region, Country and Top Cities by Retail Segment and Retail Type.

A benchmark that provides insights into consumer traffic trends

In the world of retail, understanding consumer behavior is key to success. To gain valuable insights into the dynamics of retail, businesses and analysts turn to the Retail Traffic Index (RTI) report. This comprehensive reporting suite provides a wealth of data, including regional and global top cities trends, shedding light on how and where consumers are shopping. In these data sets, we delve into the latest RTI insights to explore regional trends and identify the top cities driving retail success.

Access Traffic Trends across the Globe

      • All the top regions, Americas, Europe, Asia and Middle East

      • Dozens of Countries in each region

      • Top World Cities

      • Segment and Format Specific

Track your Performance Against Industry Trends

Understand what share of traffic your stores are getting

Compare your performance on a regional, national and global level by retail segment

Retail segments include Ultra Luxury, Luxury, Lifestyle Apparel, Wireless & Electronics and many more

Access data anytime anywhere via our ProdcoLive reporting App


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We use the latest technology to accurately capture shoppers entering and exiting each store.

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​We transform shopper behavior data into insights that help highlight opportunities and drive performance.

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Drive performance in real time and track progress toward store goals.

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Benchmark against industry trends, by country, region and retail segment.

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