We’d like to thank the many Prodco Clients and the great many new Guests for visiting with us at this year’s NRF 2023, Retail’s Big Show. We believe It was a great success and glad to see it was as busy as 2020.

We once again discovered strong retail businesses, met incredible Retail Leaders and inspiring people that all have a solid vision for the future of the retail industry. The overwhelming interest and positive feedback we received was the best reward we could have hoped for, acknowledging the hard work the Prodco team has been putting in to constantly improve our product and service offerings.

We intend to keep working hard to meet our clients’ ever-changing needs in an industry that is evolving at a very fast pace. Our continued commitment to stay at the forefront of in-store shopper analytics innovations, with solutions that genuinely impact retailers’ businesses is our assurance that with more than 27 years of heritage in the Footfall Counting Analysis will continue for many, many more years to come.

Let’s continue to shape the future of retail together and make 2023 a successful year.