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    JULY 20, 2019

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People Counting Solutions for Brick-and-Mortar

What we do

  • Measure Image
    Capture and transform shopper behavior data to better understand sales potential
  • Benchmark Image
    Compare and benchmark your performance by adding retail market intelligence
  • Analyze Image
    Drive Performance
    Extract and analyze meaningful insights that helps you adjust and drive performance in real-time

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  • People Counting Solutions Measure
    Measure & Collect
    Traffic Based Data
  • People Counting Solutions Benchmark
    Benchmark &
  • People Counting Solutions Insights
  • People Counting Solutions Retail
    Drive Retail

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  • Insights Dashboards
    User Focused
  • Insights Analytics
  • Insights Reports
    Email Reports &
    Push Notifications

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What our customers are saying

  • With our previous provider, we spent years being unable to rely on the quality of our data, had countless amounts of offline units, and unresponsive support teams. Data quality, availability, and accuracy has improved to 100% since partnering with Prodco. Prodco was able to tailor their solution to fit our specific business needs. We can now take advantage of real-time data to drive performance in our stores. With over 150 counters converted over to the Prodco platform, the team guided us through implementation, and ensured the solution was well-integrated with all of our needs addressed. The service we have received since partnering with Prodco is truly one of a kind.

    Christopher Lacy, Director of Strategy and Customer Experience, Barneys New York
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