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Prodco Retail Traffic Index

Prodco International reports retail foot traffic in North America for the week ending October 18th 2014 is down 5.06% Year-over-Year and up 0.64% Week-over-Week. Contact us for more information or to subscribe to Prodco's Weekly Retail Traffic Index Report.


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Thanks to all who came to see us at Retail Business Technology Expo 2014 in London, we hope to see you again next year.

Prodco International is a global leader in Retail Traffic Intelligence Management.

We help drive business profitability by providing solutions that identify opportunity, increase sales performance, service level requirements and realize operational efficiencies. This enables organizations to quantify the impact of business change, marketing events and other activities.

Our services include subscription based real-time customer traffic collection, auditing, remote system management and online analytical reporting using industry-leading people counting technology.

With over 35,000 installed locations across 42 countries, our traffic counter solutions are helping more than 170 organizations improve performance, opportunities, profitability and customer service levels by better understanding customer traffic behavior.

17 years of experience and millions of traffic counts globally

Managing over 35,000 installation sites in 42 countries for more than 170 retailers and property managers globally.