Shopper Insight

Bring online metrics to brick-and-mortar to improve the shopping experience

Insights that go beyond traditional traffic counting

Gain deep insights into your retail operations and marketing initiatives and develop a comprehensive understanding of customer behavior and interaction within your stores


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Capture Rate

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Shopper Engagement

insight solutions engagement

Visit Duration

insight solutions loyalty

Customer Loyalty

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Zones & Heatmaps

Measure Operations & Marketing

shopper insight

Go beyond traditional traffic counting by leveraging anonymous shopper behavior data from smartphones. Track the total shopping visit from entry to exit and what areas of the store they visit, how often the return, as well as;

  • Passer-by traffic
  • Capture rates
  • Customer Loyalty (visit frequency, recency and avg. time between visits)
  • First vs. repeat visits
  • Consumer engagement and bounce rates
  • Visit duration (total store and by zone)
  • Heatmaps