Accurately Measure & Collect Traffic Based Data

Collecting multiple traffic based data to better understand shopper behavior

How We Do It

Measuring a store’s true performance requires collecting multiple data sets and combining them into actionable insights. Our solution includes the collection of all data that affects how consumers shop at brick-and-mortar locations.

Collect Traffic Data

Accurate Data Collection

We use the latest advanced 3D Stereo Cameras with integrated Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technology to accurately capture shoppers entering and exiting each store and add texture by combining it with other key data sets;

  • Shopper behavior analytics
  • Staff and security guard elimination
  • Customer loyalty, engagement, visit duration,
    zone visits, etc.
  • Market trends and benchmarking
  • Weather and much more
Solution Measure Counter
Traffic Data Services

Professional Services

Prodco’s professional services provides the framework to accurately leverage the impact of traffic based insights, conversion, sales and other key metrics across the entire organization. Our core services includes;

  • Accurate multipoint data collection
  • Client specific data integration
  • Active monitoring and support
  • Auditing and imputing
  • Secure cloud hosting
  • Web/mobile dashboards and reports
  • Automated reporting and push notifications